Tips for Better Fuel Economy

Today's vehicles are designed to provide owners with better fuel economy. However, driving habits and weather conditions also play a role in how much fuel a vehicle uses. Cars, SUVs or trucks having emission problems may reduce efficiency by up to four percent. Malfunctioning oxygen sensors diminish mileage by up to 40 percent. When your vehicle seems to be losing mileage efficiency, make an appointment with one of our Lincoln of Morgantown technicians to determine the problem.

Ensure that the tires have the proper level of air pressure. Otherwise, they may cause up to three percent in extra fuel usage. Using the wrong oil in a vehicle can also deplete efficiency by up to two percent.

Cold weather diminishes fuel economy by up to 12 percent. Hybrids suffer up to a 34 percent loss. Owners help minimize the loss by parking the vehicle in a garage if possible. Resist idling the vehicle for extended lengths of time. Thirty seconds is the recommended idling time.


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