Keep These Dog-Friendly Features in Mind as You Shop for Your Next Car

Dogs can be loyal and friendly companions, and it is no surprise that many people love their pets. Because of this, such drivers will want to do their utmost to make their pets comfortable as they travel. Prospective vehicle buyers who keep a few dog-friendly features in mind as they shop will easily achieve this goal.

It is important to keep pets comfortable as they travel, and for this reason car buyers should select vehicles that have generously sized door openings and ample interior room. Wider door openings make it easier for both large and small pets as well as their carriers to enter vehicles. Interior room such as that provided by fold down seating can also make things better for pets. Additionally, some vehicles also offer specialized barriers that can keep pets in place.

Another important consideration is pet safety. To this end, drivers will want to select vehicles that offer securements for dog cages or carriers. They should also look into vehicles that offer curtain airbags that offer better protection for canines. Finally, drivers will also want to invest in vehicles that have rear area climate controls in order to prevent temperature-related issues.


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