What is a backup camera?

Isn’t it nice when you’re having trouble seeing past your blind spot, and someone comes along to guide you safely out onto the street? Well, that’s what a backup camera will do for you. Backup cameras are placed strategically in the rear of your vehicle to give you a full range of rear vision. This technology is especially helpful for those dreaded blind spots below the back window and trunk level. Backup cameras help to prevent serious accidents or injuries that can result in property damage, severe disability, or even death.

Federal law now requires that all vehicles under 10,000 pounds have back up cameras. Automotive manufacturers are installing rear vision technology to enhance the functionality of vehicles. An extensive rear-view range gives drivers more confidence when driving in reverse. Many backup cameras come equipped with sounds to alert drivers when they’re too close to an object. Backup cameras can be one of the most critical safety features on an automobile.



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