Meet Your Alternator

You'll probably be shocked to learn that your car's alternator is as important, if not more than, your car's battery. Many of our customers who bring their car to our Lincoln of Morgantown to be serviced find this astonishing. Your battery's main purpose is to start your car's starter, which cranks the engine. However, your car's alternator recharges your car's battery and feeds electricity to most other components at any given time.

Car Battery: Simple, Straightforward

After your car battery successfully starts the car starter, which cranks the engine, the alternator takes over as the main supplier of electricity to components throughout your vehicle, including instrument clusters, gauges, lights, etc. Your alternator simultaneously recharges your car battery to ensure it reliably starts your car starter throughout the year.

One Day Hot, One Day Cold

Whether you live in Morgantown or elsewhere, bouts of extreme weather occasionally happen. Both extremes, hot and cold, can affect battery performance and lifespan, but not all electrical problems are battery problems. Oftentimes, it's your alternator's failure to recharge your battery, which in turn prevents your battery from effectively staring the car starter.

To be sure, bring your vehicle down to our dealership for routine service. We can pinpoint your car's electrical issues, suggest the correct, economic solution and have you up and running like new in no time.



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